My Mother is married to a lil bit that is my stepfather

I f****** hate how my mom is always working and i have to live with him all the time. He is a f****** fat ass piece of s*** in my life. My friends all hate him. He has ruined every single f****** thing. He f****** abuses me and hates me. i hope he f****** dies of obesity one of these days. I havent has my phone since 1 and a half years ago. I cant go hang out outside. I JUST WANT HIM TO F****** DIE AND I WANT TO F****** KILL HIM. anyone who is in my shoes are not alone.


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  • BORRRRRRINGGGGG. Are there any hormones with tittays out there with stepfathers who DON'T want to either kill them or s3x them? Keep your stupid drama to yourself, littlecunt :D

  • R u there sweetie,,,hun,,,,pedo mommy wants to harass u sweetie.tell pedo mommy all ur troubles hun...

  • Ooh ooh im here and i want to have a long long thread on sum1 else's post with u daddy yes yes yes

  • Can't do that hun, daddy's blood pressure prescription died out and I'm too busy recovering from a stroke in the old folk's home for poor people, sorry sweetie

  • O but daddy daddy daddy megan and billy and them r soo mean and i luv you daddy

  • No sweetie, no more of that now, hun

  • ? how old are you hun..

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