I love my sister more than anyone or anything else

The incidents I am about to tell now took place about 30 years ago. I am now 55. A middleaged man I may now be, but I Will try to reveal my sentiments during those experience as they were when they took place. These experiences have been a secret for a long time, but now I feel that I must share them. The names and locations won’t be revealed. Whatever you are about to read is true, and that I confess. This is the true story of my life, and those of you who believe that the closeness of a brother and sister must be limited and confined to that of every ordinary siblings, I fully appreciate your thoughts and request you not to read the fourth para. Well:
My parents were high school lovers, who married at quiet an young age. My father’s Uncle who was unmarried and sonless, yet was very fond of my father gave them refuge in his house as neither of their family had accepted this. The kind old man helped my parents continue their education and before dying left them his large house. My father became a lawyer, while my mother a nurse. Nearly 8 years after mother and father’s marriage, and a year after their Uncle’s death I was born to them as their first born son. My parents were very happy and were ready to fulfill their duty towards me as best as they could. 5 years later they had their second child, my sister. She was the most cheerful member of the family, and always kept us happy. My parents and I were really fond of her, and she was the precious gem, of our happy family. I never refused to get her what she wanted, and did whatever she ordered saying ‘your wish is my command’, , including forcing myself to play with her cat whom I really despised. I would do anything to see her beautiful smiley face. The two of us were admitted to the same school, I five senior to her. As mother and father were very busy it was my job to bring her home, and as so many classes, she had to wait a really long time. I suffered no less, as because of this I could not hang out with my friends after school. Our school was really far away fro home. Few years passed and my sister turned 7. On that particular ay I was more reluctant to take her home than ever, and was instead playing basketball with my friends, I was really goods at this game. I would usually play only on sports day. But had I known the consequences, I would never have joined on t hat day. We were so mixed to the game. Suddenly we heard a lot of shouting from the elementary section and rushed to the spot. There I was horrified to see an ambulance, and a little girl being taken in on a stretcher’ and that little girl was non other than my little sister. I quickly rushed to her, she was breathing but unconscious. I asked a teacher what had happened, and the answer I got turned our world upsidedown for ever. When her school was over she was the only one waiting to be taken home. She was waiting the whole time, but because of my delay returned to her class room. There a janitor, the nastiest in the school who had a record of harassing female students was cleaning the class room, and spotting her alone raped her. I had a sudden urge to kill that man, but he had already fled the scene and was never found again. I immediately got into the ambulance and she was taken to the hospital. Mother was on duty and was shocked by the news. She slapped me about 10 times for my negligence and never spoke to me for months. Actually I deserved much worse. Fortunately my sister underwent successful treatment and fully recovered physically. But she was left with a permanent mental defection. This was only the beginning.
Two years passed since the incident. My sister was pulled out of school as she could no longer study for her illness and humiliations. A babysitter would always look after her when no one was home. I started going out with my girl friend, naturally a secret to my family. My mother was hospitalized due to pregnancy. These two years passed well, excepting I didn’t get to see the one thing I always, desired to see, the smiley face of my sis. On that day, I was scheduled for a date with my girl friend, and was late home. When I arrived home, my sis’s babysitter gave me a news that would rip my hearts to a million pieces. My mother, the person for home I ever got to glance at the sunshine was no more due to a failed childbirth. I started to cry, but then saw that sis was also crying, and strengthening myself I proceeded to calm her. Later mothers corps was brought home in a coffin accompanied by father and many people whom I learned were my maternal relatives. Her furnel took place the next day. There I noticed my maternal grandfather was requesting father to allow his grandchildren to visit his maternal relatives, much to father’s refusal. Father was left totally shocked by the incidents, and he too developed a slight mental disorder. Few months later he had a car accident, and was hospitalized. The doctors told that he had a fatal internal injury and had no hopes of living. He had a little consciousness and on his deathbed he made me promise never to keep any relation with his or mothers family and to sacrifice anything for my sister. After his death some of the doctors, fathers colleagues and some of our neighbours helped me with his furnel. At 15 I was left orphaned. Few nights later, alone at my room depressed feeling that I had no reason to live anymore, took a knife and was about to stab myself. My door was open, and my sis came running and held my hand tight. Meeting her sullen yet innocent emerald eyes I dropped the knife and hugged her. Yes I had a reason to live, my sweet little sister, my most precious thing in the world.
While one of my father’s kind colleague helped me continue my studies, I did par times job like delivering news papers and working on grocery stores to support my family of two. Because of this I was busy all day and had no spare times. This had a major impact with my relationship with my girlfriend and lead to several arguments between us, and she was least sympathic for my situation. But it was only after I spotted her talking to another guy one day, that we completely broke up. Three painful years passed this way, and I graduated from high school. I had applied to the nearest university to my place. It wasn’t very reputed, but to me my sister’s well being was more important. Father had left us a lot of money in the bank and I did not want to use them until they were really important, and I decided now was the time. I was finally free from my horrible per time job. I was soon to join the university, but before that another incident took place, that would be another turn my life around again, the one that I am most hesitant to reveal. If you read, please don’t think too bad of me.
It was 1 week to joining the university. I was sitting on the sofa watching TV, one night. At one point I decided to go check on sis. She was now a beautiful 13 year old. Our neighbor Mrs. X was very fond of her and always welcomed her to her house. Sis spent most of the days in these three years being look after by Mrs. x and playing with her children. I dropped here there in the morning and brought her back in the evening. I entered her room, and saw she was lying on her bed on the chest, and swinging her bare legs. Just as I was about to leave, something happened. I gave her a second look, and my mind was filled with temptations that I have for so long suppressed. I went close to her and started massaging her legs. She looked around in amazement, and saw that it was only me. She smiled, she had regained her smile recently after such a long time. She then hugged me thinking that I was here to show my normal brotherly affections as usual. As our eyes met, I l saw the look of shock, horror and disbelief as I took her down on the bed, slowly inserting my p**** inside her -. During the interval it was hard for me to look at her eyes, but at one point when I caught them I saw a look of enjoyment, and that was enough to burn my feeling at that time, as I enjoyed my union with the one that. Few days passed since then, and my university classes begun. Sis and I had acted as if nothing unusual had happened. But one night, while I was lying on the bed waiting to get to sleep, the door opened and she came in. As I looked there confused, she came nearer and dropped down on the bed. Looking at her eyes, I could understand what she wanted, and I never refused to give her anything she wanted as she was the person I loved the most. Once again we were reunited. From then on we always slept together. Her v***** had become the heavens to my p**** that was hungry for so long. I know what you may think, this is disgusting, no brother could do that to his sister. She was more than my sister, for me she was my whole life, she was my everything. She would however have to start taking pills.
Years passed. I bought an apartment flat in the city, and sis and I moved in. I started working for a reputed firm, and many more years passed happily. Sis died two years ago, from liver cancer. I have been alone since. I regularly pray for her soul. Though I have no wish to live anymore, I know I must and will until my call comes, and then perhaps we will be united once again. I hope so.

Apr 16, 2012

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  • You are a disgusting pig!!! You shouls be ashamed of yourself not only for having sexual intercourse with your little sister, your own flesh and blood, but for taking advantage of a minor!! Who was an orphan at that! Shame on you!!

  • Well, my son, you are forgiven for such sin, for you were in great grief and anguish. Yet your view was as such that you only did so to show the love and care you had. May the souls of your departed family rest in peace and for you to live in peace for the rest of your days.

  • Don't feel bad, what you did to your sis is with her consent not by force. You are a gem of brother. Be blessed.

  • I applaud you for taking your father's last word.
    I myself, cannot judge to what you did. You are a good person.
    And that's all that matters.

  • that was such a sweet story!

  • No judging. U are a good person,

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