I caught my sister and her boyfriend

One night my sister had her boyfriend over and they were watching tv with me in the living room, our mom was at work that night so we had the house to ourselves. after a while they left to watch tv in my moms room, I stayed in the living room. the sliding glass door from my moms bedroom was right across from the sliding glass door from the living room so you could see right into each room. well the curtains were down in the living room and I was about to walk out to the pool area when I opened the curtain I saw my sister on my moms bed on all fours with her mans face right in her ass, I got nervous and took a step back then I slowly opened the curtains and watched him eat her p**** while I rubbed my p**** till I came, the whole time wishing he was eating me out like that. I never told my sister I saw them but a few years after they broke up she started talking to him again as friends I guess and we had moved to another part of the state so he ended up coming over a few times I think it was just booty calls but us 3 we ended up hanging out and were talking s** talk and he said his fantasy was to have 2 girls blow him and we were laughing at him and I said why is it that a guy always wants that power over 2 girls and why cant it be the other way and have two guys go down on me? then my sister said or have one guy go down on me and you? like we were In charge so I said yeah and then he said he didn't have a problem with that because he loved to go down on girls. that's when I saw the opportunity and said prove it. so he asked us to take our pants off so we did and he ended up going down on us both I ended up on my hands and knees doggy style while he ate me out thinking of how he had my sis on my moms bed the whole time. after we came he begged us for bjs and my sister said no. a few months later I ended up calling him cause I was going to be in town and offered to return the favor because I really wanted to that night but didn't want to seem like I wanted him in front of my sis. we met up had lunch and I gave him head on the way back to his place where he f***** me. It was amazing I never told my sister that either.

Jan 23, 2014

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  • You my kind of girl and I could f*** you any day.I have f***** two sets of black sisters and it was awesome...though not at the same time.Keep f******.

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