A birthday celebration that messed me up

Four years ago I was 21, home during a college break. I was really depressed that time, I just broke with my bf and was keeping myself occupied with my studies and didn't want anyone to bother me. Mom and dad were ok with it but my 18 year old sister would just rant about how my grumpy mood was making the whole house depressing, not that I ever interfered with her personal matter but she just always envied me and found excuses to have a go at me. My parents were out for a week, they went to visit my gran who was ill and it was just me and sis. That day my sis and her friends were to celebrate one of their friend's birthdays at our house. I was upstairs in my room immersed in a book, I kept shouting for them to keep it but they just ignored me, so I went downstairs to tell them about it, I was polite and all, but after I got up the noise was louder, as though I made a crime by my mistake and their defiance was some revenge...

So i went again I called my sister’s name out loud from the second floor telling her that she and her friends gotta go, or she can stay here but her friends got to GO. She and her friends were super sketchy to begin with so I wanted them OUT. My little sister started throwing a tantrum once I demanded that she kick her friends out, so I personally and politely asked her friends to leave my home. Suddenly the birthday girl gave me a dirty ass look and replied “what the f*** is your problem”…….r u srs…….i LOST it. Like “who in the h*** are you to f****** disrespect me at my own house, and she is here to celebrate HER m************ birthday at MY house.” Like h*ly s***, she started saying mad s*** to me and I almost swung my arm, I shouted we are taught to respect whoever’s home we are visiting, so why the f*** is this this back talking me at my own home?? She that screamed out I was a nasty nerd who as my sister told got ditched by my bf. I screamed that she was like this cause she grew up in a small dirty ass looking home (obviously because she couldn’t celebrate her OWN birthday at her place) whose parents or guardian didn’t teach this poor piece of s*** manners. She really couldn’t stop talking s***, and I lost it and punched her in the face. I headed back upstairs ignoring my sis's calls to apologize to the b-day girl, she took her side not mine and I was frustrated, I just wanted some quiet!

As I sat on my chair back to the book slightly on the verge of tear, my door burst open, I was surrounded by my sis and her 4 friends, the b-day girl looked wild "how dare you ruin my b-day, I will teach you a lesson!" and my sis "I ve been meaning to do this for a long time", the others just agreeing to whatever they were gonna do, and suddenly they were all beating me up, pulling my hair, I tried to fight back but was outnumbered, they tied my mouth with a cloth and all held me and the b-day girl "you hit me on y face? take this s*** head!", and punched me, my lips bleeding. She was smiling while I was in tears and trying to hit and shout back. Then the b-day girl says "you know I can still have a great b-day, teaching you a lesson is more satisfying than anything, wanna try the experiment your sis and we were doing", I looked in horror, my sis was a closet and i knew exactly what her friends and her did during their sleepovers, but that was never my thing and I didnt bother with it. The b-day girl instructed the other girls to push me to the bed, I looked pleadingly at my sis (we never ever got along, but this was WAY too far), I struggled as they held me down and the b-day girl began to pull down my PJ pants and climbed over me. I struggled while getting violated. The b**** bit every inch of my face, neck, b******, her dirty nails pierced me on the under, I was bleeding and by the time she got off I was a total b***** wreck. "that will teach you" she shouted while laughing, and the monsters left me traumatized.

I kept crying the whole day, my sis dared me to tell, saying I was a weakling, and thats what she expects from me, she toyed with my emotions, she made out no one will take me seriously. Indeed i was too humiliated and who is gonna believe a girl getting raped by a girl? I never spoke to my sis for another day during the stay, I always avoided her, and whenever her friends were to visit I found excuses to stay outside the house. Eventually, my college resumed and next time i spent my future breaks with my friends and new bf, I moved out totally after finishing college, but still I cant get over it, It ruined me emotionally, i am more depressed and have fits of rage than ever before and can't have a stable relation with anyone, I even have frequent suicide thoughts and wish to murder my sis and that b**** b-day girl! I confess it, even after 4 years I can't get it off me, I just want to explode!

Nov 28, 2020

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  • Before you kill yourself, kill that girl and her friends first so you won't at least you won't die like the total loser that you say you are.

  • Get your bf n his gang to rape the bday girl

  • Take revenge. That’s what I’d do. I would ruin their lives.

  • Good suggestion.

  • I'm sorry that happens to u stay strong

  • What a long,long load of boring old bollocks !

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