Do I like him?

About a month ago I really liked this guy who is almost just like me . Well I he called me ugly so I stopped liking him. Now me and my friends make fun of him(not to his face but behind his back) I haven't talked to him in forever... but laugh with my friends when we talk about but I feel as if I still like him..I really don't want to like him but i think about him a lot.... but even worse is I'm dating a guy from my old school that I was in foreverlove with..... HELP #NoHate

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  • that whole "i'm not the j*** am i" thing was a joke i know i'm not him i've never had a gf in my life (hint... it's by choice but not my choice...)

  • finally something i can help with you need to stop putting him on a pedestal (i understand your making fun so by every other account no pedestal) BUT a pedestal isn't just for people you worship it's also for those you hate ie. target practice you putting him on any pedestal makes him visible in your memory and thus brings back old feelings thus if you'd just ignore his existance boom no problem... wait i'm not the j*** am i....

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