Did it again

I just watched some p*** and masturbated to it, for like the 14,000th time in my life. And now I feel like crap, as usual. Grrr. I'm 25/male, been doing it since I was 15 or 16. Yeah I know that 90% of guys my age probably do it, but I don't give a damn about that.

Apr 17, 2012

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  • Google...your brain on p*** to learn hlw you now have a habit which has become an addiction and all,the horrible stuff staying on this path will,do to you, in life.

    Dont listen to everybody who tells you, its ok, its normal.

    They are wrong.

    Its normal to be curious, to watch some, to enjoy, egt off whatever, but here is the difference...

    When you want to stop, to not do it anymore or today, tomorrow, amd you really mean it, and you cant help it, you go do it again and again, like a drug addict...it is then a problem.

    Also...if having done it you always feel lousy and ashamed and weak, mad at yourself, etc...its a problem.

    The good news is you can overcome it.

  • It is not a problem. If you do it is OK.If you don't do it it's OK too.

  • i feel like crap when i m********* too, and i also can't break the habit of watching p***. same problem here. i'm 14 female.

  • same here cant seem to break the habit

  • Enjoy it while you are young. You will loose interest when you get past 40. I did every day untill I was 39. Now maybe a few times a year. I have an amazing new wife that f**** me anytime i want it. Which is twice a week.

  • same problem here; I am 32 now. Been doing it since I was prob 15.

  • I've been doing it since like 14, and I'm 16 (and a guy too). :P But I agree, it's nice at first when you're done, but afterward it's just.. empty.

  • I feel like crap when i m********* too. I'm a girl. I also feel like crap when i hook up with anyone. Ultimately i know it's because i'm abusing what was meant to be special, and in the case of hooking up i am allowing myself to be used by someone to "get off" to whom i'm not that important to.

    And all i really want is to be held.

  • You hit the nail on the head!

  • i know exactly how you feel

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