How do i tell her i want to be more than friends?

Let me start my saying that i'm pretty rubbish at relationships. I can't read "the signals" & i've never got the confidence to make the first move. To put things in perspective i'm 25 and she is 23.

I live in a small village, and over the last few days there has been an event on celebrating the jubilee & bank holiday. At the end of the first night, i was outside my local pub having a cigarette when a friend i haven't seen for 6or7 years came over to catch up. I was going home, but we ended up talking for hours. It was daylight when i walked her home.

Next day i didn't expect to see her because she had some friends arriving back from a festival. They were hanging out together, i went over and said a quick hello but then we went our separate ways. Later that night, i was still out and my phone goes off, it was a text from her saying "Im in the other pub, come meet me x" So i finished my drink and strolled down.

When i got there she still had a lot of her friends out. we all had a few more drinks and they had planned to go back to her friends house for a few more drinks and a place to stay. I figured i'd just go home when they left, but as they got up to leave her friend said "Charlotte, you coming" and she said no. She wanted to stay out with me!

We stayed out another couple of hours, then i walked her home. We just sat talking on her sofa for ages.

The next day was her last day in the village. She was heading home and back to work the next morning. I walked down to meet her at lunchtime and she said she couldn't stay out long because her mum was cooking a big dinner. We strolled about for a bit, had a smoke, went for a drink and when it came time for her to leave, she called her mum and said that she's staying out with me.

We weren't out late, but once again i walked her home, We had a big long hug outside and she told me to come to her place soon.

That was yesterday, and i didn't sleep a wink last night just thinking about her. I haven't felt like this about anyone for nearly 10 years. I wish i was more confident, maybe then i could just talk to her about this, i try to, but the words don't come out.

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