Big and small

I am a tall, fairly handsome 26yr old. i stand at about 6'4'', and weigh about 210. Not the hottest guy around, but good looking, often fond with the ladies. Trim, fairly fit body, nice arms. My confession is that despite my stature i have a very small package. At my hardest, h*******, i might flirt with 4'' long, but usually somewhere from 3 to 3 and a half. Not even thick, rather slim as well. Tiny b****, to match... All of this would look small anyway, but especially small on my frame. I know it's truly tiny, and there's nothing i can do about it. So for some reason i enjoy being embarassed about it to beautiful women, the more attractive the better. I like them to know and see how small it is and laugh at me for it, belittle me and ridicule me for it. Embarass me to other beautiful women about it, right in front of me. I have a small d***. A very small d***. I would like to be made fun of by attractive women of any age.

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  • You don't have a micropenis. I do. No woman has ever mocked me but I have fantasized about it and the thought of it turns me on. I guess its my way of dealing with it as is yours.

  • I like small c**** they turn me on

  • Same here.

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