I am conscious.

I am conscious, i don't really know if my d*** is too small for my built. I am 5'5", a bit bulky. I just measured my d***, it is a bit longer than 5 inches, 4.5 inches in girth, and it is a bit curved. I have this insecurity that girls are not satisfied with it. I had partners said to me that it was small, and others say that it was the biggest they have met. What do you think? Serious comments please. thank you.

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  • Thanks for the advices, guys. Appreciate it.


  • My partner has similar measurements but he always takes me to multiple o******. Don't envy over a longer p****, cuz it hurts a lot when you push it all deep - unless your partner is a m********. For a woman's POV, it's really true that how you wiggle it in bed matters more than your length, and I believe any woman prefers a loving man who gives her pleasure in bed than a man who uses her like a poke hole. I hope this gives you assurance.

  • I am not huge and I have never had a problem with satisfying the women I have been with. Its all about being comfortable with yourself and having some confidence. There are a few sites out there for guys that need to hear about other guys in the same situation. check out measurection.com But the other guy who posted is right, you are pretty much in the average range.

  • Average p**** length is 5-6 inches and average girth is 4.8 inches. The only non-surgical way that I know of to increase p**** length (not girth) is to lose excess weight. This increases both the absolute and apparent length of your p****. Another option is to pursue smaller women. They may actually appreciate a p**** they can fit comfortably inside them. Even the boldest woman will admit that, past a certain point, increased size may be too much of a good thing.

  • Thanks man, the answer that I am looking for.

  • Mine is a little under 6" and reasonably thick, but it works ok and makes them c**. Only drawback I can see is if I am f****** a fat chick her belly gets in the may and I can only sink it about half way or less and she only gets three inches of me. That still gets her off. Doing a chick with a big butt from behind doggy style is nearly impossible because the shortness causes it to keep slipping out. So, with the big women, I stick to missionary, me on top, or her on top riding me. I get my fair share of p****, so am not at all complaining.

  • Its smaller than mine. but as long as your girl enjoys the s** and you can get her to o*****, its not that big a deal. Your enthusiasm is more important - make sure you make her feel, with your words and your actions, that she is the sexiest woman you have ever been with, and that she makes you want to f*** her again and again.

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