Such pleasure...

I so much enjoy spanking the testicles of young teens, let's say 18 year olds. I have just finished another session of abuse and the poor boy has passed out, per usual. It's amazingly easy nowadays, with money, drugs, toys and cars, to find these guys ready and willing to try anything so I usually start out by sucking them off. While they are getting wasted and enjoying their o*****, then I begin my abuse of them by starting to squeeze their b****. I increase this pleasure (for me) slowly, eventually ending by spanking them, rather severely, until I ejacualate onto them, then eat it all off them. Of course, I record these sessions and sometimes find it necessary to show them to the boys later, just in case they have any ideas of not returning to my home for future endeavors. That always secures their participation. I occasionally enjoy sessions with girls as well, but that is a post for a future time.

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  • You know... they have a word for that.. a few words actually. Assault, blackmail, and very probably child abuse.

    I've got no problems with consensual abuse between adults but what you're doing is illegal and immoral and I look forward to reading about it in the newspapers when someone reports you for it.

    Oh, and well done for keeping all that useful video evidence too. I'm sure the police will appreciate it.

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