Am I Messed Up?

Ever since I was a toddle I've been addicted to spanking. I'd write stories about it and would enjoy it when my siblings got spanked. I get a weird feeling when I read about it and sometimes I find myself on the internet looking up spanking pictures. I've just started high school and I can't tell my parents. Is there a way to get over this addiction? I don't understand why I get this feeling and I want it to stop.

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  • I had this problem as well unfortantly I never told anyone so it still haunts me I look up pictures videos stories the list keeps going and it gets mote intense each time. is a horrid addiction for me now. It's so easy to m********* to. I think I'm addicted to the sound of a spanking and the feel I'd it as well. I wish I could be spanked hard everyday, three times a day. Fanfiction carrys a lot of spanking fics, depending what your into I would look into an author If you dint fix it embrace it.

  • There's nothing wrong with it. Just find someone or someplace so you can properly and safely enjoy it.

    As for your parents, just tell them "Spanking Gives Me O******!" (Or write it on a notebook in big letters.) Either they'll ignore it (in which case you're safe), or they'll try to get you "cured" (in which case you know they care but are prudes), or they'll offer to spank you more (in which case you come from a family of pervs and it's in your genes, so you were doomed anyway).

  • ^ F**

  • Whats wrong with the addiction?? GO SPANKY CRAZY!!!

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