When I’m home I make movies about me getting barebottom spankings

When I’m home alone I set up my iPhone camera then sit down and explain to the future viewer that I’m a little princess who needs a bare bottom spanking then I lean back and slowly pull my panties down saying I’m sorry daddy crying then I lock my feet in a rope hanging from the ceiling and let the robospanker tear my naughty behind apart I have it set for high so it’s a real daddy’s mad spanking I watch in the mirror as my white bottom turns red then black and blue I switch positions a lot but I find the diaper the best and most humiliating later after my time out I edit the video masterbating in my pink panties wishing I was a little girl I save it and burn it to a DVD maybe I can find boy to share it with?

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  • Am I the only one who has never heard of a robospanker? Is that made by skynet?

    PS it's not a 27 yo chick. It's a 50 something sheet metal worker from Newcastle, with love and hate tattooed on his knuckles

  • Aren't you are thrown on bed and raped by your spanker i mean his cream can work as a oitment on your ass

  • How old are you babe....

  • I’m 27

  • Hey

  • You there babe....

  • Yes

  • I would spank you and f you wish babe. have you being naughtie........

  • You have no idea

  • ? tell me a little about yourself and how naughtie you have being hun....

  • I went on Disney.com without my parents permission (I’m 27)

  • Your naughtie and now get over here...

  • Well i think i need to spank you.

  • No daddy I’ll be good!

  • Rite now i said and go fetch me your hairbrush...

  • Too late little girl of with your clothes rite now and watch your tone little madam..

  • NOoooooo ( I take my clothes off leaving on my panties)

  • You will do as your told little girl and you dont tell daddy no...

  • You there doll and your in alot off trouble little madam..

  • I turn around a pull my panties down

  • You there babe..

  • I will babe and did you do anything naughtie.

  • You are a very bad girl! When Take a bath later tonight, just wait in your room naked 500 licks of my belt will fix you!

  • My d*** exploded when I read this!🤣🤣🤣

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