St. Paddy's Day

I have a good story from a month ago and I thought I'd share...

My girlfriend Jamie met up with some friends really early on St Patrick's day, like 8am to start drinking. I had been out the night before, so I wasn't up for it. Around noon, me and my two roommates were hanging out at our apartment when she comes home, totally trashed. She's babbling about Irish car bombs and such and I end up just taking her to my room. At first I thought we'd have a little fun, but she immediately passed out on the bed and it was pointless.

I come out to rejoin my roommates playing PS3 and I complain about how drunk she is. Now here's where the details are a little fuzzy. In all honesty, it was probably a 30 min conversation, but in that time my roommates somehow convinced me to let them into my room to see Jamie naked. They promised me some bs, and I fell for it.

So I go back in alone. She actually was already naked from our failed attempt at a hookup, but I make sure she's well positioned on her back, covers off, legs spread naturally open. I go back and bring the two lucky bastards in. Now a little background, my one roommate Chad has dated a number of girls and I'm sure is plenty experienced. My other roommate, Mike, honestly might be a virgin (we're all in our mid 20s). We know he's not gay, but he has no game at all with the ladies. Never seen him take a girl home ever. Now, my girl Jamie is actually pretty hot. She's got a really nice body, very thin, but sexy. So we all go in, Chad is enjoying the show of Jamie spread eagle in broad daylight, but Mike is like a kid in Disney World. He's got the biggest grin on his face and the first thing he does is kneel down so his face is an inch from her p**** and take a deep breath thru his nose to get the smell. Believe me, it was a hot St Paddy's day so she had plenty of that p**** smell going on. He begged me to let him snap some pics on his iPhone, but I didn't go for it. We ended up compromising and letting him suck on her discarded panties next to the bed. He enjoyed the show for a good 20 min before I decided that the show was over. Chad and I had a good laugh, and I'm positive Mike acquired a ton of spank material. All in all, a pretty funny St Paddy's day.

Don't hate me, I just tried to bring a little enjoyment into my roomies Saturday afternoon. :)

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  • The f*** is this stupid ass s***?

  • wow. what an A******. Jamie needs a new bf

  • or stupidity perhaps paying a few rounds at a local pub for your friends is too hard too do or too normal but seriously you should be dumped by this girl as quickly as possible...

  • hmm borderline molestation....

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