Im 18 with 4 kids

I have 4 kids Jason,Xavier,Carly,and Emma.Im only 18 and I just got engaged today.Im very embarrased to tell people my age with them knowing I have kids.I am not saying im embarrased about my kids, its just what people say and talk about when I walk by.

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  • Deal with it. We overdo the "shame" thing these days, but as with most social constructs there's a good reason at the core of it. If I see anyone with 4 damn kids I'm gonna judge, but that goes double for people who make babies they aren't suited to raise one way or another!

  • Looks like you have the X-Men family. Rock ONN!!!

  • Don't worry about what people say or think, because they are all less mature and less intelligent and less sexy than you are. Live your life like you want to.

  • please please please dont ever be embarrased about your situation bcoz you are completely sexy and you shold act like you are and act like you know

  • Didja ever hear of BIRTH CONTROL??????!!???

  • You are a seeeeeeeeeriously hot piece of ass, and that's why all those boys want to keep getting with you and doing you. I'd like to knock you up myself, and I really mean that.

  • Are any of the kids mixed-race?

  • How many fathers?

  • All I can say is that I wish it was ME you were getting engaged to, because I think you're really incredible and I think I'm like TOTALLY falling in love with you.

  • i'd be more worried about the names you gave your kids but seriously who cares if you have 4 kids it was your own dumb fault to have s** at what ever age it was and at least your taking care of your children that's all that can be asked of a parent ok

  • How old were you when you had them?

  • Do the math, idiot.

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