I do alot for friends

LAll my friends use me one day I took some weed and he saw me but didn't say anything until everyone left he said can I talk to you I said ok he said lock that door and come here so he said I saw you take some weed I don't want it back but you are going to pay for it I said I don't have no money he said I know what you can do put on my sisters panties and come here pull them down a little lay across my legs he said unzip me and take my d*** out ok now suck it so he would spank me hard he said he was going to keep spanking me until he c*** he would spank me hard and fast he told me to take my belt off and give it to me he said lay on the sofa with your head in the pillow he put his hand back and let me have it he gave me 10 hits on that belt I was crying so he told me to shut up and he hit me again suck my d*** you fucken f** he cumed about 3 mouths full I just keeped on swallowing his c** he said pull your painties up and when I call you to come over you tell me you are on the way you got it yes you fucken f** the next day he called me and told me he was going to f*** my ass and he was going to have some friens over so I can do them all I said ok after I was done with them all on guy told me to go in the basement bathroom ok he said take everything off but your panties ok he got some rope and tied me to the toilet he put a pair of dirty uderwear over my head and started to p*** on me he called the other guys to do it also so they all p***** on me everytime they went one guy pulled my panties down a took a shiit on my d*** and pulled up my pantieswith his s*** still in my panties and one guy said I going to do the same thing they all took a s*** on me told me. To lay down one guy started to s*** on my face he took the dirty underwear off and s*** on my face and put the dirty uderwear back on he told me to lick it ok he said take a bite of it do it no I said he took his belt off and hit me hard ok I took a bite out of it he said spit it on you d*** ok so he said good I had a little bit still in my mouth I. Ate it like it was candy I swollowed it and one guy said he was going to take a s*** on me I told him to s*** on my face and make me eat some ok I was looking at his ass and I saw the s*** coming out I opend my mouth and got a mouth full of s*** I swallowed what I can and spit it on my d*** he told me to lick his ass clean so I did its nice and ceaned now good f**

Apr 20, 2012

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