She planned it

My girlfriend (Lisa) tricked me into something two days ago. It ruined something I had always dreamed of.
Lisa and her coworker (Jill) are best friends. Jill has a thing with their boss (Dale) in the office. Two days ago we met them for dinner to celebrate Dale's birthday. After dinner we all went back to Jill's place for a few drinks. We were all drinking and feeling good when Dale and Jill went into the kitchen. Lisa immediately put her arms around me and whispered in my ear. She told me I was finally going to get my wildest fantasy. I had wanted a MFF 3sum and Lisa knew it. She looked me in the eyes and said "me and Jill". I was super excited, but before I could say anything Lisa said "I need something from you first". Her mood changed, she got really stern and reached down to open my jeans as she ordered told me to undress. When I protested she said "if you want the 3sum you better get naked". I slowly undressed as Jill and Dale walked back into the room. I was pretty embarrassed and tried to cover. I have a small p****, only 4 1/2 inches. Without saying a word Dale undressed I could see he was much larger, a good 6 inches soft. Lisa walked over to me and said "do this and you get your fantasy". She ordered me to get on my knees. Dale walked over and Lisa reached down and grabbed his c*** and guided it to my mouth. When I tried to pull back she grabbed the back of my head and held me there. I opened my mouth and had my first c*** in my mouth. As Dale got hard he grew to 8 or 9 thick inches.
Out of the corner of my eye I could see Lisa and Jill had undressed down the just panties and were making out as they enjoyed the show. Suddenly Dale pulled out of my mouth and pushed me towards the couch where the girls were. He put me face down in the couch and tried to push his big c*** in my ass. I squirmed and was nearly in tears when he asked Jill for the lube. A few minutes later he was pushing inside me as I just took it. It hurt like h*** and I started crying. As he worked it inside me I finally felt his b**** start slapping against me. The girls were loving the show! I didn't think it could get worse but it did. Even with the pain my c*** got rock hard! Lisa reached underneath and touched it. She immediately screamed "he likes it". Jill took a feel as the both laughed. As Dale f***** me hard Lisa and Jill began to verbally abuse me. Calling me a f** and a sissy b****. Finally Dale held his c*** inside me and I felt his warm c** . When he pulled out he slapped me on the ass. He stood up and gave Lisa a kiss on the cheek and said "thanks for the birthday present". As he walked out he told Jill he would be in the bedroom.
Lisa and Jill both stood up and took their panties off. Lisa announced "now you get your fantasy". I laid down in the floor as both of them started sucking my c***. AND NOTHING HAPPENED! I couldn't get hard. They tried everything, sucking, sitting on my face, playing with each other. My ass was still hurting and not to mention I could feel Dale's c** leaking out of me. The whole time they tried, inside my head I could hear Lisa's voice calling me a f**. The girls finally gave up and Jill went to join Dale.
We dressed and went home. I can't believe I finally got what I had always wanted and couldn't do anything about it.

Mar 23

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  • You should sue him

  • It feels like there is more to this story

  • I got punked once by a couple on Craigslist. We agreed to meet for a 3sum. The girl was ultra hot. Before we started the girl informed me I could only have s** with her "AFTER" I sucked her boyfriend hard and let him f*** me in the ass. Yes, stupid me, I did it. Even though it hurt and I barely made it through yes I also got a h******. After he finished in me they both laughed and kicked me out. I didn't get her at all.

  • Now you know how a virgin girl feels after her first time. Judging from your telltale hardon, you will be back for more

  • Erections arent nessecarily from being turned on, theyre a response from the body just like a woman getting wet. this was rape. the reason he couldnt get hard afterwards was because he was just raped. and don't say "but he didnt say no!" yeah but he didnt consent, he didnt want that to happen, he tried to pull back from giving the b******, he cried while getting penetrated. and virgin girls dont feel anywhere near as much pain. our vaginas are actually meant for d****, they are designed to expand/warm up/stretch out when aroused, so after proper foreplay a virgins first time shouldnt be painful at all (unless the dude is a dumbass and just rams it in dry in that case he probably just created a new nun recruit)
    anyways op.... im gonna make another comment for you.

  • Fantasy....

  • I think you learned more about yourself and your wife than you expected. You did comply with all instructions, and were aroused during a*** s** with a man. Your wife clearly does not respect you as a man. A potential fantasy has become a fundamental identity check for you.
    With practice, your a*** pain will give way to a need for frequent a*** s** with well endowed partners, and you will experience o****** front and rear. Please let us know which way you want to swing.

  • April 2 is when Ramadan begins. Let's kick off the fasting season with roast pork barbecque and beer at 12pm, followed by a womens-only yodelling contest just around the call to prayer. Speedos for the men and bikinis fir the women. You're all invited.

  • He raped you. Not okay, not your fault.

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