My first

When I was 15 I had a freind that was almost two years older than me. We did everything together including spending the night at each other's homes. I grew up in a time when being gay wasn't allowed and being so young I really didn't know what that was. All I did know was that I didn't like girls and spent my time checking out other guys in the locker room. My freind was tall and muscular , a typical jock. It wasn't anything for us to see each other in our underwear so I got to steal glances at his package dangling in his tighty whites all the time. He would always brag about fingering girls on dates and occasionally tell me about the few times he got laid. I went along with the guy talk so he never really knew my secret. One night we were in bed and I was about to drift off I felt the bed shaking a little. I lifted my head to see him jaxkimg off under the covers. In the dimly lit darkened room I watched as he slowly stroked his c***. Suddenly he stopped and our eyes met. He pulled back the covers to reveal his hard thick c***. You meant to watch ? He asked with a smile. He continued stroking his throbbing d*** as I was memerized . I felt my own d*** getting hard gazing at the first erection bedsides my own that i had ever seen. As the foreskin hid then revealed his fat swollen c*** head I could see the precum glistening from his slit in the moonlight. My heart was racing out of control. You want to touch it ? He asked in a whisper. I instantly reached out and ran my hand down his shaft. I pulled back suddenly realizing what ones doing and afraid of what he would say. You can suck it if you want , it doesn't make you a f**. I nervously said no but I really wanted to. He laughed softly and said , well I need some kind of help here. I was frozen. He pulled my head down to his chest and said , suck my nipple. I had no idea what I was doing but I just started to suck his nipple. He continued j********** as I did my best to suck and gently bite his nipple. After a few minutes we were both lost execasy . His stroking got more urgent and his body began to tremble. Breathing heavily he whispered , put your mouth on it, and pushed my head toward his d***. I instinctively engulfed his c*** in my mouth. He humped my face a few times then I felt it. He stopped humpimg then grunted as a hot blast of c** filled my mouth. Swallow it you little c*** sucker , he growled . I could feel the hot liquid sliding down my throat as I gulped loudly. I suddenly felt my own o****** expolde in my underwear with out me even touching it. I sucked that throbbing c*** greedily. After that night I was his Personel c*** sucker. Nothing like the first.

Sep 6, 2016

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  • Thats sounds so nice

  • Sad being a pansy

  • The OP of "true identity" and this confession,are the same.Check it out!!!
    Similar background theme and topic.
    Similar grammatical errors e.g "freind" instead of "friend"

  • Its nice 2 suck and get sucked

  • You can sucke me of I'm a boy

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