Not so happy.

I hate that we have to act like we're a big happy family whenever we're in public or have guests over. People think we're always smiling and perfect.
But the truth is, we're anything but that. My dad and stepmom aren't right for each other, and fight almost every week. Their two kids (who I love dearly) pick up on their behavior and are very aggressive and prone to throwing tantrums.
My stepmom has told me she doesn't care about me. I can't really blame her for that since I'm not even her kid so she doesn't have to, and I'm sure I brought it upon myself.
Right now, we just got back from a party for a family friend. They're in the living room screaming at each other for something stupid which escalates into them bringing up unrelated issues, like how she thinks I shouldn't be in this house since I'm toxic to their marriage.
I love my dad, and I want him to be happy, so I didn't protest when he and my stepmom got engaged. I was 11, what else could I do? Now I regret it.
I just want to get out of here.

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  • If stepmum gives dad plenty ass hel b happy

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