The truth, or just my truth.

This might not be a confession to others, but it is to me, and well, it's the kind of relationship I always want to have with a guy, and I hope maybe one day, he would see this and just figure out it was me who said it. It's unrealistic, but it's not impossible..

I want the guy I like to know these things.
That there is no greater thing that I like than just simply talking to him in a silent place. It feels like the relationship isn't just for fun, but for real too.
I want him to know I'm not ready to fall in love so fast, and I don't want to be one of those couples who say I love you in a week.
I want him to think I'm cute, not sexy, not sophisticated, but just cute, because that's the only thing I am and I don't need more than that.
I want him to know our relationship won't consist of s** for at least a year, because I need to know he's patient and can wait for me to fully trust him with all my heart before giving him that kind of satisfaction, that way it's much more special.
I want him to know that I would rather spend every Saturday night sitting on the couch and watching a rented a movie and eating popcorn that going out partying and getting drunk, I don't need that, and if we had each other, maybe we both would need it.

And if he wants me to know something, I want him to tell me with an open heart. I want to accept every single flaw, scar, and scratch of his.



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  • Great title for a book

  • I understand what you want is probably most of the guys won't do. Speaking of the s**, I would wait until I get married and for that reason my ex-girlfriend left me because she was stupid enough to go with her current boyfriend just to have s** and live out of her house. I don't regret that decision one bit even though I loved her so much but now I don't have any respect for her. I hope you find that guy soon. Good luck young girl.


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