Loving the wrong guy

This amazing guy named Ben likes me. He's funny, sweet, super cute, tall, handsome. I have every reason to like him but I really don't. I've tried explaining to my friends why but they don't understand and think I'm being dumb about it and I should definetly go for it. But the real problem is, I think i'm in love with my guy friend Tom. He's not perfect, in any way, I just love myself with him. His personality is what gets me. I feel like I can't tell anyone because im supposed to like this other guy and have a cute relationship but in reality I just want Tom. So bad.

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  • WTFUUUUCK why the f*** do you even care
    take the TOM guy s*** tom makes you happy right? why the f*** should you make your friends happy? wtf is that s***? please they wouldn't give a s*** if they where in that saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame situation THINK ! THINK!

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