I know some people might not think this

I know some people might not think this is true but here go's.I was walking home one day and i met this guy name sean he was like everything a girl would want in a guy.He was cute,nice,smart and careing so we give each other our phone numbers but i didn't know if i should call him or not because he was 25 years old and i'm just 16 and his marryed.So he call's me the next day and asked if i want to go out and get something to eat i didn't want to go but i didn't want to hurt his feeling's so my stupied ass went anyway.We ate and had a very good time together he took he home walked me to my door and kissed me good night but before he left i asked him what his wife would think if she found out what he was doing.He didn't say anything he just kissed me again and left i didn't he would call me again but he did i tryed to tell him that we can't see each other anymore because he's marryed and that i'm too young for him and i didn't want to come between him and his wife.He just told me not to worry about it so we kept seeing each other for like 5 months and now he is saying that he loves me and he want's to be with me.I told him that i didn't love him and that i wanted him to stay with his wife and i told him if we did go together he could get put in jail for being with a 16 year old but he say's he dose not care what happen's to him he just want's to be with me.I don't know what to do i tryed to break up with many times but he just keeps calling and calling asking me to go back out with him i say no at first but i don't like seeing him hurt so i take him back.I know this is wrong and i should have not gone out with him in the frist place but now i'm falling in love with him and i do want him to be with me but i will never tell him that beacuse i don't want people to see me as that s*** or b**** that took this man from his wife i don't know what to do.

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  • call the police i went throught the same thing too when i was 16 & got an STI

  • at the very least....just don't answer his calls
    Move to Alabma. It will solve all of your problems. (age limits)


  • When you get to be a bit older, he will try to find a new teenage girl, so don't worry too much

  • Cheese it........

  • You seem like a smart young girl. For future references listen to your self. But before you fall in love with him think about this. How do you know that he wont do you the same way he's doing his wife now. At some point in their relationship he was saying the same things to her and that's why she married him. You are probably just a fantasy of his that he's enjoying way too much. He doesn't even respect his wife enough to tell her he's not interested anymore and that he wants you. Think hard before you let your harmones drive you to take his wife's place because as you can see its not a good position. Leave him alone.


  • Every time you give in to him and go out you make it harder to end the relationship, because that tells him you don't really mean what you say. If you are serious about ending it, don't answer his calls. If he becomes violent or a stalker, call the cops. On the other hand, if he really wants to be with you, he'd leave his wife and wait for you to at least become legal.

  • at the very least....just don't answer his calls

  • wtf

  • You need to call the cops on him. He's a child molester!

  • tl:dr

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