My partner when I was doing landscaping

My partner when I was doing landscaping called me to come over to a job site. He said that there was an incredible view in the backyard. The brunette wife of the homeowner had her top on extra loose and she had on terrycloth shorts that we loose. Full on view. All of the workers got a free show that day.
Well, this chick was friends with my partners mom. Later on throughout the week, he started claiming that he was fooling around with her. He told us, me and the crew, she was a freak, etc. etc. We just sat there and took it in.

On a Friday afternoon, it started to rain and we called off the rest of the work for day. My partner gets a call and his mom and Debbie are at a bar/restaurant. We go over to the spot, and they are getting sauced at the bar. Ed, yeah I said your real name!, was trying to put his hands all over Debbie. He then left for the bathroom and Debbie looks me in the eyes and we just lock on each other for what seemed like an eternity. She leans in and lays a huge french kiss on me. We are French kissing at the main bar, people starting hooting and hollering. She finally lets me up for air, I look at Ed’s mom, and Ed’s mom says, she’s having marital problems! Classic!
Jealous Ed catches the lip lock and crowd chant and he is furious. He is like we are leaving, now! And I knew if I didn’t go he would start being a b**** about our landscaping business and on and on and on. In the truck, Ed forbade me to ever see Debbie again! I am thinking, dude, you should have this b**** in check, she was kissing on me.
So he drops me off at my house. I am completely bummed out. No number. No way to contact Debbie. She had a smoking tight body and curly hair. I just said, oh well. and went up to my room and fired up a phatty. I am laying there watching Discovery Channel and I got Metallica on full blast. When,
RING! RING! I am thinking it is just in my head. RING! RING! I pick up the phone and there is silence. I just go with it. And I hear a faint sigh, now I know that ain’t Ed, so I said, Debbie? Silence… silence… then, she finally says, yeah. I said hey what’s up? How did you get this number? She said she got it out of Ed’s mom’s purse. I said, is Ed with you? She said NO! I was thinking it could be a trick. I said well, if you and Ed have something going on, I have to stay out of it. I have to mind my own business. She starts swearing that Ed is gross and she never fooled around with him and that he was just making it up. I said so what do we do? She said can I come over and we can talk.

BAM! You know what happens here! She was into hair pulling, being dominated and spanking. Solid lay. We wrap it up. I said are you sure there is no Ed situation? She assured me he was full of s***.
So I go to work Monday, and Ed knows I got the real goods. He is even more p***** because he told everyone he was up in that action and he wasn’t, and he knows without me saying a word I really did knock it out of the park! HA!

Well, being the little b**** he is, he got his dad to “side” with him, forced me out of the business, and they called my mom and told my mom I was tapping married ass! I knocked it out for a few more months and then I heard from some of my other friends her husband was some giant construction worker dude that would have no problem putting me in the hospital. I cut her off before I got killed!

True Story! 

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  • LOL If it is a true story, why is that little square thing (that is always at the end of magazine stories) appear at the end of your "confession"?????


  • yea thats bullshit

  • Liar liar, pants on fire.


  • Dude, what's the moral of your story???

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