My History Teacher Never Should Have Messed With Me

My a****** History teacher embarrassed me in front of the whole class because I didn't remember some stupid date that doesn't mean s*** and I'll never use in a job. She's a b****. So I put a tack on her chair the next day before class and when she sat down she yelled Ow out loud and the whole class almost s*** there pants from trying to hold in the laughs, Hee, hee. I seriously thought about setting her house on fire, but I'm not that f***** up. So I just threw a rock through her window with a f*** you b**** note wrapped around it, lol. Maybe next time she will be careful who she messes with. B****!

Aug 5, 2011

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  • Lol how's that arm?

  • I agree you will not need history in your exciting future of digging ditchs or sucking c***.

  • good job. teachers are overrated

  • Lol if i could only do that to my teacher, who always punished me for having an accent!!

  • Harsh would have been kicking her ass, like I did to my math teacher last year and got sent to juvie for.

  • I can see how you would be mad. But smashing her window was a little harsh. Don't you think?

  • Wow... you idiot. And history is important, as history has a tendency to repeat itself. The tack... ok your schmuck, but the rock just makes you insanely stupid.

  • Kiss my ass, preppy scum!

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