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My friends are douchebags, simply said, but they want me to be one too, when we go out to the cinema, they go on and stare at the b**** of the cashierre and females who work there. But im not like that, I'm more of the guy that stands behind everyone, and waits to speak for 2 hours...

Anyway, now whenever I say things like ''She's more than here vag you know!'' or ''Stop staring, leave her alone, no touchie!'' they say f***** or give me a FRIENDLY punch to the shoulder.

What should I do, behave like me and lose my friends, or be like them? I've known them forever, and they're really good bros!

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  • if they were "good bros" they'd show you more respect tell them to show some restraint and respect or they can go f*** themselves... anyway i personally would drop them and befriend the movie theatre girls who cares what the douches think... after all they are douches (pre-dropping the ass holes appologise for their action's to the theatre people you earn trust faster when you seperate yourself from the crowd)

  • If the differences are that fundamental, and they're so frequently made evident in social situations, you have to decide if these guys are worth the discomfort and embarrassment that you're experiencing at their hands. You can certainly provide the better example by behaving as a gentleman whenever they become rude, and they may (much later) come to appreciate that, but if their behavior ruins your evenings, they may not be worth all the trouble. I can't tell you whether that are or aren't: only you can make that call, based on what you're sensing and how likely things are to improve.

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