Losing my V-card

I'm deciding on whether to lose my virginity to my older brother? I'm 22 years old my brother is about to be 26.

I'm very close with my brother and I'd rather have him inside me than some random guy who would make fun of me and judge me afterwards.

Anyway, anyone ever went through something like this? What are some emotional aftereffects?


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  • Lost mine to my hot older sister, and loved every bit of it. She saw it as her role to teach me about s**, what to do, what women liked, etc..Nothing like it. Kept it up for years.

  • Do what feels right to you.

  • troll or get psychiatric help AND STAY AWAY FROM YOUR BROTHER!!!!!!

  • in my studies of psychology it's a very reasonable want however deeply mentally scarring he is your brother after all one emotional and mental after effect (depend's on if your religious) is the sin aspect while the physical and mental aspect is one of multiple things 1 pregnancy (the lack of different genes could mean a bad birth) 2 the law 3 your parent's and 4 he's your brother whom you trust if he hurt's your v***** physically will you ever trust him again

  • Your studies of psychology, and you dont even know where dots are in your keyboard?

    Don't you understand that in psychology there are only few studies about consentual incest. Almost all the studies that are made of are of victims of abusive incest, or victims of pedophilia. No wonder what the results then are.

    Today, there is similar problem with it, as was in early 19' century when psychiatrists studied homosexuality. They didn't study gay people, because gay s** was illegal at that moment and they couldnt found any gay people, so only people they could study were male victims of male rapists. Guess what the results were - Homosexuality will cause mental trauma and that is why homosexuality were not just criminal offence, but also mental illness.

    Today, everyone know homosexuality is not some mental illness or not caused by rape. And if someone would study consentual incest, they would find out that incestuous s** is not harmful, it is just s**.

    You know, even UN AIDS commission suggested ten years ago that laws forbidding incest should be abolished because consentual incest is not harmful, and there are already laws to condemn rape, abuse and child abuse.

  • It is not lawful for you to have him. Stop now.

  • fake.

  • That sick.

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