I don't know what i was thinking

I showed some random guy on Omegle who's face I couldn't even see my bra.. :( I feel like crap, and i feel super guilty. It happened March 18th and I still think about it every day at least twice and I still am not 100% happy yet. I just want these thoughts and feelings to go away. i gt that i messed up but that doesn't mean I have to think about it everyday....:( - girl,14,April 29th 2012

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  • You stress because you showed someone your bra? wow!

    My wife is f***** because I see her bra daily.

  • I know what I am thinking "that lemon idiot can think he can win but he can't" just cause I buy a lemon drink or a navy top or a green leave don't mean its about him! that would be like a canadian or diana fan thinking that kate wearing a red dress to baby 3 hospital visit means she only really has 2 children or that she was trying to communicate to the canadians by wearing red.

  • I am in much the same situation, happened a few years ago now and it still scares me to think of it.

  • no don't smoke weed talk to me i'll put it this way your too young to be putting out images like that now i wanna help you through this but first note this guy should be arrested for being such a perv also note i almost don't want to talk privately for fear of what you might show me (oh yeah warning most guy's here are pervs and will likely ask for pic's you feel bad enough imagine how you'll feel when guy z ask's to see it)

  • smoke a f*** ton of weed and they,ll go away

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