I have sexual feelings for my mom and sis

I just want to get this off my chest i am 16 and i have sexual feelings my mom and my step sis i know i know its gross and wrong but i love both of them so much that when i'm around them i just want to have s** with them i want to know if this is natural. my mom and my sis have both been acting like there sexually interested in me but idk if i should go through with it. i have a very strong friendship with both of them their like my best friends but when ever were all together they just start to come on to me i don't know what i should do. i don't want to ruin my friendship with them by having s** with them.

what do you guys think i should do?

and i know who ever reads this will think its fake but its not its a 100% real.

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  • These feelings are real, but not so sure about them feeling it as well? One way to check is to start leaving doors open or cracked when undressed, see what they do, "Accidently" walk in on them in bath or when you know they are changing. Gauge everything from their actual reactions to this. Good luck, especially with the mom, nothing better.

  • Don't drug them or get them drunk it's illegal. Come on to your step sister brushing up againt her, she how she reacts. Brush up against her t*** and stay there, she if she jumps back or looks at you and smiles. If she smiles rub up against and and make sure you touch her hand with your d*** and leave it there. If she rubs it or grabs it ask her "your room or mine". If mom is a step mom you can be alot bolder walk past her nude with an erection and see if she follows. Get one doggy style an remember to invite the othe and when they walk in ask them to join you.

  • well she not my step mom she my birth mom and she has a bf how do i get her to be sexually attracked to me without making it obviouse

  • Did you ever get the s**?

  • Dont chance it just drug them undress them and enjoy. i do it to my daughters about 2 or 3 times a week . have fun i do

  • what kind of drug do i use

  • Even tho you want your mom and sister don't chance it. Because if u do and it backs fire than u will regret it.

  • i agree with the first comment you do need to get laid not that i'm the biggest advocate of children having s**

  • You are imagining things. They are not thinking about you in a sexual way. Do not proposition them.
    As for the feelings you are young and full of c**. Go get a girl friend and get laid. You sexual thoughts towards your family will fade.

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