Red Hot House wife

I have a very large family.4 bros and 4 sis 30 plus nephewas and nieces.i over heard my mom say when i was 6 i was ugly)when i was 12 i heard my sis and bros say it also and my mom thought it was funny.when i was 12 my dad (who was a drunk)let his friends come 2 our house and shoot our dogs.they ran under the house and hid and we had to listen 4 a hour or more while these poor things got parents r both dead i took care of them in the latter part of thier life my sibs didnt.i cut all ties with my family.Im 48 and as soon as i start getting close to anyone i run them off.i loved my folks but im going 2 die lonely.thier is no way i could ever love anything,but god i want to.i give 1/4 of my pay 2 St Judes Hospital and no one knows that but me....i want my life to mean something but if i died now it would be a relief


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  • I'm 26 and feel the same way, I can't love anyone I just don't care at times anymore. A dog shows more love then a human.

  • dont give up on love,u sound like u have a good heart

  • thanks seems like someone cares

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