I got dumped by a guy that I thought

I got dumped by a guy that I thought was "the one" a year ago. I've got this guard up now... I'm attracted to no one and when occasionally when someone I like comes around I think they will s**** me over, or I'll find something about them that turns me off, or I'll think that I'm settling.
Is this because I'm not over him?
Am I turning into a man hater?
Has anyone else ever felt like this?

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    my work is done!

  • Lots of other good guys out there. Just cause it did not work out this time does not mean that just around the corner is not the real perfect guy...but remember no one is perfect ..no one
    so keep that in mind while you look.

  • ^ Shes the one who's projecting her fears onto the guys. They don't even have a chance to s**** up. Perhaps try not looking for "the one", but still try a few relationships anyways. Go into them knowing they probably won't last, but you might as well have a good time while you look. It may help heal and weaken (not drop) your shield.

    Maybe the guy who left you didn't think you were "the one" for him. Many guys fear commitment because it signals the end of bachelorhood. They'll stop hanging out with their single friends (usually replaced with couple-friends) because staying out late and going to the strippers will get them the EVIL EYE and have to sleep on the couch. They lose the ability to do whatever they want to do. They'll have such a life change it just scares the h*** out of them. I don't want to try to excuse that last guy for dumping you (his loss, not yours (kinda)), but give us other guys a chance. After all, we're the 'other fish in the sea' and you're not even casting your rod. (Holy crap that sounded lame! Oh well.)

    Best of luck!

  • give the girl a break, it's only been one year since she lost who she thought was her lifetime love. it's not so easy to get over--it's not like a cheap fling or something.

    it kinda does sound you're having a hard time getting over this guy if you don't even want to look at other guys. but then again, it could be that you are doing it to protect your fragile feelings from getting hurt again. no risks, no hurt, right?

    eventually, i think your heart will become ready to try love again. maybe take it slow and don't get too wrapped up in it too soon. test the waters first, see who he really is before making any commitments.
    good luck

  • I hate saying "lower your standards", but will anyone fulfill your requirements? Can you pass your own test? A guy might stop trying to learn more about you if you are so picky and can't open up emotionally. Its like you are screaming "Damaged Goods!".

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