I'm in love with this guy who i met

I'm in love with this guy who i met online...but i have never met him in person and i have never even saw a picture of him.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I'm the person that posted this confession.I have been talking to him on for the pasted 3 months but he just didn't send me a picture yet.I know i couldn't have but i went to go see him last weekend and he was everything he said he was a little shy,cute,smart,funny ect..we had a go time together but he just was not the kind of guy i would date..so i guess it was just l*** and not love.

  • it's the first poster again. i just wanted to add that i talked to this guy for about 4 months on the phone before we actually met. it was better than the Internet, but still not the same as really knowing someone. My experience goes to show you that a person can portray themselves as anyone they want to and delete important facts about themselves that they think you don't need to know. And even though I don't think that EVERYONE on the Internet is a fraud, I know that it's all too easy to make yourself look better than you actually are. Be very careful.

  • Not everyone "hides behind" their internet and it doesnt make everyone cheap.

    But I agree, you cant be in love with someone you've never even met face to face.

    There's a lot more to a person than what they tell other people.

    And a lot of times.. when someone says something a certain way, you might read it totally different.

    It's not love...

    It's l***.

    Give it some time.

    And get to know them better.

    Try hearing their voice.

    That is all..

    Good luck.

    And dont put too much in it.

  • Nope. No way that you can be in "love" with someone you never met or saw.
    Internet talk is cheap, people hide behind it. find a real person and soon you will find what it is you are looking for..

  • if this is a real post, you are not in love with this person. you are in love with the idea of being in love. good luck.

  • Internet people are 99% imaginary. The remaining 1% is mostly the part of them that they choose to show. Time to wake up.

  • It's easy for you to think you have found the perfect person, and I wish i didn't have to say this, but he could just be telling you what he knows you want to hear. Maybe I'm bitter, but I had a man say he was in love with me and was willing to drop everything for me. It took a while, but eventually I realised that almost everything he said was a lie. You need to be really careful.

  • i fell in love on the Internet once. it was one of the greatest loves i've ever had. we exchanged pictures and everything, so we each had a rough idea of what the other looked like. but in person, it was different. at first, i didn't like him at all, but then i thought back to all the awesome conversations we had online and how close we had gotten to each other and the feelings i had for him came out. but i want to caution you that no matter how close you get to someone, there are always skeletons in people's closets that don't come out right at first. what i mean is, he told me that he didn't smoke or drink (i don't either) but a year later, he comes out with the truth that he is addicted to marijuana and has a daily habit of doing it. (believe me, it explained a lot about his behavior!!) since he had lied to me, i felt i couldn't trust him anymore, and we broke up. i miss him, but i couldn't go against my principles. just think hard about what you are getting yourself into.
    good luck.

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