How wrong is this

Before me and my gf met she met a guy on online the guy scared her and made her take nudes and send them to him he said he was going to make her have s** with all of his friends for money, the thought of that sadly turned me on when I found out about it 😕 like I pictured her being forced on to a wall by 5 guys and f***** in every way possible moaning in pain..
I felt bad for thinking that even as in rn I pictured her being f***** in a dress by a hug black guy

Apr 28, 2020

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  • The messed up part of this post is is that it happens. It happened to my wife's bff. My wife encouraged her to obey the guy. When I asked her about it she just quoted the Golden Rule

  • She sounds like she's easy to trick, you might want to keep this one. And they are the type you could easily talk into a gang-bang, just make sure you arrange for some big c*** so you get to hear her moan in pain.

  • She admitted to being easily controlled or "tricked" with people that have that authority in there voice for example like her mom or that guy that she was scared of, but even tho I thought of it and I dont think I would have the heart to talk her into a gang bang, she's very sweet and loving and soo adorably cute she's honestly in my opinion perfect i don't think I want to ruin the trust shes giving me by taking advantage of her being easily tricked and putting her in a room with 8 guys 🤣plus deep down I really don't want to see her get dicked down or covered in body fluids from other guys I feel like i would end up losing respect for her and just see her as a w**** or s*** that I let any guy hit and idkk I just wouldn't be able to get that imagine out of my mind 😂, but I will keep her just for me and ill respect anf get her to other things for me that just involves us two

  • Ummm.. how did he "make her" send him nudes? She did it on her own. Just saying even you know that part of the story is BS, did he reach through the computer screen and grab her? She obviously wanted to it. I would start there.

  • Just change the lady with your mom it will be more hot....b***** #sickfuck

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