I'm a girl and I really want to f*** a girl. I don't find myself attracted to them in a relationship way, just for a f*** buddy.

I know this may sound wrong. But I just want to get with a girl for the experience as I've never been with a girl just boys.

May 3, 2012

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  • I'm having a girl girl affair with a playgroup mom. It's so exciting and yet I feel such guilt too.

  • Where are you from?

  • England you?

  • There is *nothing* wrong with having a fuckbuddy...guy or girl. Have fun and come back and tell us how it went! ;)

  • I'm bisexual, and like girls and guys. I find it easier to be sexually attracted to girls, and find myself checking out girls far more often than guys, however i really wish i had a bf. Not a big deal. I'm attracted to girls sexually, and only sexually. Guys are sexually and 'lovingly'

  • I feel the same way. And I don't know how to act about it. On facebook it feels like the new "it" for a girl to be "in a relationship" with another girl, but in real life it's so hurt to know if it's ok to flirt. It could be disastrous if the girl turns out to not have that curiosity.

  • Well, if you're looking for a fuckbuddy.. I'll go for it with you?

  • I would, if only I weren't sure I was a thousand miles away.

  • Go for it - there is no harm in trying

  • Curiosity is natural. I'm a male, and I don't really find men attractive. However, I enjoy seeing and fantasizing about transsexuals.

  • Ewww I would never f*** a girl, well I'm not a lesbian but my advice is to go on fuckbuddy dating sites or something

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