What do I do?

I feel pathetic
I'm 34 years old, I'm 6'5 I'm cute I have a really big and happy personality. I'm an infectious person to be around, I lift every one's spirits, I'm quirky, I'm funny and silly. I relate to both girls and guys equally as well, I was raised by my Mum who I adore, and I am naturally very protective and supportive and maybe naturally I adore and treasure women.

OK so the thing is this, I have been single for over a year, maybe pushing two years now. I still have no problem talking to girls when I have the chance and making them feel comfortable and so. But for some reason I'm still by myself. To the point where I just ache all the time.I just don't have the confidence to change my situation. I'm so miserable being by myself, and it kinda has me down cause I'm at the point where all I want to do is love someone else. To hold her hand, to look at her face, to touch her cheek, to hear the softness in her voice and hear her as no one else can. Perfect.

As time goes on I just feel as though I'll be alone for the rest of my life. It hurts having so much love inside that it just aches.. For all the good in my life, I feel so empty



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  • I understand how you feel. I bought tickets to an event and I just want everyone to cancel out so I can get a refund or they can have all the tickets and give me the money back. I don't want to go with carmen, julie is alright but I don't know her well. I think its rude of my aunty to do that to me. I won't be relying on to go on the cruise and clearly my cousin karen does not want to know me, too busy chasing some black useless cockold with stds and everything else probably. I need the money back so I hope they all drop out or buy all my tickets and give me the money. my aunt owes me a lot anyway.

  • You just gotta keep putting yourself out there - you will find someone

  • Been where you are. Growing up I was the fat kid that had no luck with girls, but all the popular guys liked hanging out with me because they could make fun of me and make themselves look even cooler. I always got so depressed because I was great at talking to girls, just no self-confidence. All I could think about was, how great it would be to have a girlfriend like every other guy and have fun, and be loved. Well I thined out, got in great shape, got the women and now i'm f****** more miserable than ever. Been in a LTR for 10 years with my child's mom and have been miserable for the past 8 years. Not a day goes by that I didn't wish I was single and just be happy and have fun again. Until my child becomes a legal adult, i'm just stuck in this miserable situation because I don't want my child to grow up in a broken home, so I'll just have to be miserable until that day comes and I can leave their mother. So moral of the story, don't think that just because other people out there have gf's, bf's, wifes, husbands, etc that they are these happy beings. A lot of them are miserable as h*** after that first year or 2 go by, but still don't / can't end the relationship. Wish you the best of luck, but like the Chinese say... be ware what you wish for.

  • Well i think that when the right girl comes by you'll know how to talk to her. And What i ussualy do when i want to talk to a guy is i count in my head so i dont get so torn up and feel sweaty.

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