I has a few confessions

I think that I'm a cat. I believe in unicorns. I stalk the guy I like. I self harm every night. I've attempted suicide. I lie to my doctor and physiologist. I have sudden urges to attack random people in the street and in school. I believe that I'm insane. I aspire to be like Lisa Rowe from Girl, Interrupted and D*** Turpin (highwayman). I hate every inch of myself. I starve. I try purging. I'm only 14 years old and my life is already so messed up.

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  • I was a lot like you in fourth grade. I went to a mental hospital at the age of nine, and hurt many other people there. You need to go to one to if these symptons gets worser.

  • You just need special help. By that I mean you need somebody to listen to you and somebody you feel comfortable talking to. I am not going to lie to you and pretend that I am here for you or anything but I have helped couple girls who were in your situation and when they got better, they ran away. Maybe you can join them and benefit from me and run away like them. Good Luck young lady..!!



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