Plan on cheating on my boyfriend tonight

S** with my boyfriend is good. Really good.
But I want to be a s*** tonight. I want to be someones s***. I want him to pull my hair and spank me hard. I want to suck him up real well and while doing so I want him to have his d*** between my breast, d*** f****** my b******. I want him to make me work.
My boyfriends romantic. He's so gentle and sweet. I couldn't tell him to pull my hair. He'd be like "Why?"
So tonight I'm going to cheat on my boyfriend for the first time that we've been together for a year.
I'm excited. I know who I'm going to cheat on him with. There's this guy that's been wating to f*** me for sometime now. He's my b****. He'll do as I say. I know he'll f*** me like the w**** I've been wanting to be.
Don't get me wrong, I love my boyfriend. He's my soulmate.

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  • There is nothing wrong with being a s***. Just do it ethically. Check out the book "The Ethical S***." I love it.

  • Don't cheat. Tell your boyfriend you want an open relationship. He might go for it!

  • You should get at least 2 guys to f*** you...if youre going to be a s***..go BIG!..thats what I try to do:)

  • Sure... go f*** whoever you want, and don't freak out when some other girl f**** your boyfriend. Fair's fair.

  • Women cheat more than guys. Women are the pigs yet the media acts like it's the other way around

  • these no excuse to do this ur bf could give that to you

  • Christ, you're a dirty w****. I think I love you. :)

  • You just freakin' GO, sister! YEAH!!! Please ignore all the negatives here and just go get what you know you want and need. Pay no attention to these moralizing morons. You're a grown woman and you're entitled to the kind of satisfaction you desire, and I admire your willingness and deermination to defy convention to seek it out. I wish more of the sisterhood thought the way you think.

    Finally, congratulations on two VERY important things. First, for having the focus to identify in advance the guy you're going to cheat with, rather than just dropping into your favorite bar and "letting yourself get picked up" by some random nobody who might not be able to give you the pleasure you need. That would only serve to ruin your night and thwart your desire to cheat. And second, for picking a man who not only can f*** you raw like you want to be f*****, BUT WHO YOU CAN CONTROL AND MANIPULATE!!

    You're going to have a great night, girl! Enjoy every nasty cheating second of it!! ADULTERY ROCKS!!! ADULTERY RULES!!!!

  • Women like you are scum and men should avoid women like you at all cost.

  • Been there done that!!

  • It is really rare to find a girl in this world that admit that she is who she your case you are A ****. There is nothing, AND I MEAN NOTHING, that justify cheating on somebody that supposedly is your ''soulmate''. What if he went and cheated on you, if you are fine with it then you are actually a real ****. If not, then you shouldn't do something that would p*** him off. This world has been downgraded by people all over the world like you. If you want something special, then stop HAVING RELATIONSHIP WITH PEOPLE. Don't ruin people's life. ENOUGH ENOUGH. PEACE OUT..


  • Here's the thing. You do it once you're gonna keep doing it, trust me. And if he's really your soulmate he (your bf) would do it. Sure he might ask why but if it'd really please you he'd be excited as h*** to do it, and he could be fantasizing about it and cheating on you with b****** too for the same reason, so might as well just ask him and be adventurous together.

  • - I didn't cheat on him tonight. I still don't know whether I will.. I' going to try to have him do this all for me..
    I'll let y'all know how it goes.

  • you gonna burne in h*** ....


  • Dude, Stfu. She can do what she wants and you misspelled burn. You dont control if people go to h*** anyway! So Shut the f*** up.

  • Just ask ur boy to do it. All men like to be adventurous in bed with their women. Im sure he would be willing to so anythin if it helped u to get off.

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