Forever Alone

I'm a bisexual guy. I'm not making that up to make up something creepy, like a lot of fake confessions I see on this site, I'm really bisexual in real life (although I'm more into girls than boys). I've never been in a relationship I don't know any gay guys, and I've never met any of them, so having a boyfriend is completely out of the question. So I'm going to focus more on girlfriends.
I'm not unattractive, or mean, or unsocial. I hang out with a lot of girls, so don't tell me I need to "get out there" more. I've asked out a bunch of them, and I rarely try to go after anyone pretty, popular, etc. Everytime except for once when I ask a girl out they aren't very nice about saying "no". I usually end up loosing them as a friend, too.
I've waited a very long time, and it's not like I've always not had confidence. I'm the only person in my whole school - 6 through 12 grade - and I have checked, I've never had anyone, I don't now, and it's obvious I never will.

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  • i would go out with you i know how you feel

  • Aw, that's nice of you!

  • Please don't take your experiences (or lack of them) to mean there's anything wrong with you.
    It's just luck.
    And maybe you being in the wrong place, surrounding by the wrong people.
    You've never had anyone and don't now- but I don't understand why it's obvious you never will.

  • Just about everyone else I know has/is already. If it were meant to be, wouldn't I have found someone by now too?

  • "Meant to be" is crap. What is meant to be? You decide what you want your life to be- with some chance, of course (right person at the right time and place. And by "right" I mean "a" right, not "the" right.)

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