Do you hate me?

Would you hate someone too you if they needed you when they are sad?
I'm not needy or annoying. I just want to know that I'm not alone in all this s***. OK? Please understand why, I was raped as a child and strangled. And I have nightmares. And I just want to know that someone out there doesn't hate me, like everybody else does. Please say that you don't hate me.

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  • Guys, thank you.

  • I don't hate you :) and i never will hate you

  • I don't hate you either. That's frightening what you went through. Everyone needs someone from time to time. I think not everyone can relate to certain problems in our lives. And maybe they don't know how to help. Maybe when you are reaching out to your friends and they begin to pull away, just let them know..they don't have to say anything, just listen.

  • i feel like this too, i need my friends to talk to when I'm sad but they don't believe me and think I'm overreacting and looking for attention. People shouldn't hate you for that. I don't hate you and you're not alone.

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