Relationship Issues :/

I dont know whats wrong with me, I guess I just get bored really easy, but I just started dating Last year, when I was a freshman, and I literally have never lasted more then a month with a guy, I am also so picky,I believe you have to be attracted to a guy physically and mentally to have a real relationship. Well my problem is, that after two weeks, My mind automatically tries to find something wrong with the guy, because once it starts to get good or perfect I think "well there has to be something wrong, theres no way This is THAT great" and I end up breaking up with the guy....I guess after my late boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend, I lost hope in having a happy relationship with any-one, Im so terrified to get hurt that I break up with them before they get the chance to break up with me, even if they didnt even have the idea to do so. I just really dont know, I want that High School Sweetheart story, I truly do, but idk how to stop my habit...any advice?

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