Struggling with thoughts

I've been struggling with thoughts of suicide. This is all new to me and I've talked to one of my friends who knows what im going through. He told me i have it easy and im selfish for even thinking about it.... But im truly miserable. Is he right? I havent had the kinds of things happen to me like he has.... but im seriously considering it. Am I selfish?

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  • look all people who commit suicide are just scared not selfish also i've thought about it once or twice but i decided that i won't let fear win so yeah also i died once on an operating table so i know death isn't all that great... please don't ask why i was there let's just say time wasn't on my side at the ages of 8-9 also i appreciate you for coming here and what did your friend and you go through that drove you so close to the edge i'm only asking so i can help, i help people because i know that if i don't then fear will win...

  • Thank u. I really appreciate it
    -Poster of confession

  • any time friend :)

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