He wanted to

I was 15 he was 25 he took me to the park and rubbed on me and went inside of me with his fingers I told him to stop but he didn't listen. He laid me down and got ontop of me and pulled my shorts aside he begged to go in but I refused. he was going to rape me regardless of what i said so I told him to take out his d*** and Id play with it. He got off and got it out and I got up. Then we walked out of the path and was accused of having s** I said we didnt but wasnt believed I just wantrd to save myself. That wad my second boyfriend and my biggest mistake. He touched and tormented me and I relive it every week

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  • So what, I've done things like that more times than I can remember. Fooling around at that age is weird and you just gotta forget about it and move on. He is not a bad guy, he was just overcome by hormones. Report him and his life is ruined, just for being really into you. (No pun intended.)

  • You NEED to tell someone about this. School counselor, parents...

  • dude seriously you're only 15 what he did was rape if you wanted it or not just dump him call the cops and get him arrested best help i can give you

  • How you know he is a boy? (The poster)

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