I'm a 15 year old girl, and have the

I'm a 15 year old girl, and have the lowest self esteem ever. I'm really not pretty at all, and even though I'm not really fat, I am a bit overweight. Lately, it's been getting me extremely depressed. I'm not sure if there's advice to be given about something like this, but I need to tell someone, and no body around me understands. I feel so lonely all the time, and I wish that there was somebody out there I could meet. I'm a super romantic, and I have so many fantasies about the perfect guy. But I know that will never happen.
I wish I could feel better about myself.

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  • I am a boy/male but have the same problem. Without guidance on this problem. But time is cure.

  • If you are a bit over weight you are in luck, because that is an issue that you can fix all by yourself and it is not that hard to do. Start taking a jog each day and in no time you will be thinner. Its easy and fun. Its also a great way to relieve stress.

    If you want to look cuter, grow you hair longer. Guys like long hair. Wear sexier cloths, more make up and smile. That is all you need to do to meet tons of guys. So many that you will be surprised.

  • I have the exact same problem. Ifyou ever want to talk just let me know. Please please please don't do anything... drastic. Or anything youll regret.

  • All young people feel the same way honey. It will pass and one day you'll wake up and the ugly duckling will be a swan. I can't tell you how may young girls I've known that turned into beauties over the years, because they worked at it. Just give it time, go to the gym and you'll be the girl all the guys want to date. Your life will be everything you dream about now. Have faith and put some hard work behind it and you can be outwardly as beautiful as you are inwardly.

  • You are so young! Right now you are in an awkward phase. I went through it, all girls and guys do. Pretty soon, you will grow out of it. You are beautiful, everyone is in their own way. Don't be in a rush to grow up and date! You have your whole life for that! Just concentrate on yourself and accomplishing your dreams!

  • Dont let it get you down,im looking for a open minded discret woman who wears sexy lingerie and dont mind guys in lingerie we meet up up for dirty email and dirty s**

  • What part of she is a 15 year old girl didn't you understand?

  • Really twisted dude!! Put that BS somewhere else.

  • There are loads of guys out there, sometimes your eyes just need to be opened, at this age you cant see the signs but trust me more men and guys look at you than you think. Self confidence is the most attractive thing a girl can have,one mans trash is another mans treasure when it comes to physicality. and remember a lot of the time decent relationships are formed when you know the guy before you get with him, that way he can fall in love with you as a person first and then discover how beautiful you are, when it hits you both you will realise that you never actually had anything to worry about. Your beautiful.
    Just focus on your studies, dont look for a guy and it will fall into place soon enough, the best things happen when you dont expect them hunny xx

  • As a guy I can tell you the most attractive quality a woman can posses is self confidence. There's nothing sexier than a woman who believes in herself. The best way to get self confidence is through accomplishment. For example, getting an "A" on your math test is an accomplishment, learning to play an instrument is an accomplishment, growing a beautiful garden in your back yard is an accomplishment. Stack up enough accomplishments and you'll start to feel pretty good about yourself because they're all evidence of your value. And that will attract men who appreciate what you have to offer.

  • it will happen. there is someone special out there in the world and you will meet him. at your age you have plenty of time and it will happen. please don't give up!

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