I have lied about everything

I have lied to everyone. Since I moved to a new state where I didnt know anyone I have lied about things that should never be lied about.
I have told people that I had gotten pregnant out of high school and was involved in prostitution and my ** beat me and my child died. This is the ugliest lie i can think of anyone telling. Why would I do that? I dont understand.
I also stretched the truth about the abuse i endured as a child. Telling people i was in and out of foster care and was beaten and starved. Yes I had been in a foster home and was abused, but not to the extent that I tell people.
I have let these people believe a life that never existed. Now the lie has gotten so big I cant turn back. I have to keep up laying the game and I dont know how to stop.

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  • ** straight if you confess to everyone that you lied people are not going to want to know you
    But if you confess and stick with telling the truth over time they will forgive you as long as you stay true to yourself.

    And anyways, your stories sound wayyy exaggerated. Who would believe that? Don't you think they already know that you're lying coz if that truly happened to you it wouldn't be OUT THERE in the open so fast you wouldn't even tell them on first acquaintance.
    It's actually kind of funny when someone lies to spice up their life..and actually really sad because there are people who have had those things happen to them..but yours is just fake..

    Time to face up to the truth. It will come out sooner or later.

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