Im 14 and i frequently masterbait. i usually go on omegle and chatroulette and take my clothes off for men to make me horney then i finger myself for them. does anyone else?

May 12, 2012

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  • Troll alert.

  • You should really try and stop, I got black mailed when I was around that age and did this... Was not pleasant and still haunts me

  • dont sell your body as attention youre gonna end up pregnant, raped, single mom, or all 3

  • it's normal. whats not is wanting to watch younger ppl. I have done this tho and it buggs me. I feel bad for wanting to but I can't help it. younger girls turn me on.

  • I used to do this! But now I just like teasing the really hot guys on there by stripping my clothes and showing off my curves haha I'm 17 year old girl

  • i lovewhenu girls do that. we should kik. mine is jdoe2127

  • Yes indeed! many people do this! Not as many girls do it, tho. But I sure wish there was more girls like you out there! :)

  • I'm 14 and I do the same exact thing girl! :D you are not alone.. haha

  • you are disgusting,get a Girlfriend already.

  • Not sure how old this post/comment is but this is clearly a girl who is posting.

  • Was that to me?

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