In love with my step brother...

Okay I will try and make this as short as possible... Okay i have known him for a year or two we are both the same and i don't live with him but i see him every started last year we told each other about our feelings, we kissed and had a secret relationship...sadly i told him it was wrong because every time we passionately kissed and did things it felt disgusting afterwards...well i went on holiday together with the family and in thee end we ended up in the same bed but we didn't have s** i did give him a b******* and he was the first person to ever finger me! Im so sexually attracted to him and he told me he loved me even though he had a girlfriend he never met outside the internet i told him no and he started coming closer and grabbing my arm and kept at kissing me i kept trying to reject him but he started kissing my neck and because I'm so sensitive it got me so Horney i could resist and before we knew it we where basically dry humping but then when i remembered his poor girlfriend i shoved him off and asked why is he not feeling guilty and he replied ' I'm not a nice person, otherwise i wouldn't be doing this i just cant not....i love you'... And tried yet again to kiss me and he start to actually hurt me with grabbing my arm and trying to pull me to him and my face every time i tried to turn my head but when it was happening it was actually making me Horney and i loved it which made me feel disgusted in myself .... I feel horrid every time i go to that house cause of his gf that he never met but he knows when he gets forceful and kiss my neck i get wet. Im so sensitive that way....What should I do? I think I'm falling for him!

Ps this is the shortest version i could do. sorry

Jan 14, 2013

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  • You already sucked his c***.. no turning back now! Might as well just go for it if it feels good.

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