I stole from my friends ):

Well i dont have much money because my mother is a single parent so she struggles to buy me little things. so onetime when my friend was in the shower i stole her hair ribbon, another time i took some cheap earings. then i started realising what i could get out of it, it started getting worse. when my friends would go to the toilet i would take anything from bobby pins right through to dvds and clothing, then hair curlers! sometimes money. then onetime my friend left her top at my house, i told her i couldnt find it but i actually had it. i had worn it alot and one day when i came to school my friend had found a photo of my wearing the top. everyone pieced together that i was taking their stuff and now everyone hates me, i have no friends and at lunchtime i sit in the toilets and cry. noone cares about me and my mum cant efford to move schools. ive tried confessing my sins to god and praying but i just feel worse. the rumour of me stealing from my friends stuff has travelled around the whole town and noone wants to be friends with me. i want to kill myself.

May 12, 2012

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  • try to m********* it will take away stress and make you 4get about it

  • its ok explain 2 them that your mom dosent have money.

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