A Collector's Vids

In the past 3 years I've made more than 20 home videos with different girls. At first the joy was in making the collections and knowing that they had no idea they were being filmed. There were averaged sized ones, tiny ones, a couple plumper ones. Some were hairless, some had the kind of hair I love pushing my fingers through with one hand while bringing it from behind... I began collecting nationalities... Chinese, Korean, Thai, American, Canadian, Taiwanese, a latina whose ethnicity I forgot to ask... I collected hair colors - Blonde, Black, Brown... I lost my virginity ages ago to a true natural redhead... I never felt the need to find another. As you can tell by my nationalities I prefer black.

I realized a fantasy of sitting there watching many of these vids playing simultaneously... and now I'm just really bored.

It's like I've seen the top of the mountain and there doesn't seem to be much purpose in s** anymore.

Something has broken inside of me, and now I can't figure out if I hope to finds a new fantasy, or if I just stay broken.

I suppose there is one place I've yet to go (not counting when I was in high school)... and in this country, at least, it's not illegal being that the age of consent is 13. Unfortunately it's also not very practical. I'm not a rapist - I require consent.

It's really sad when s** has been likened to a collector's set, and you realize that you've obtained everything that you wanted.

Ahh well, gotta catch em all...

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  • you gonna go to h*** so quick unless you stop. o btw us jesus freaks are on here to tell all yoou freaks that youll regret all the things you do one day

  • I wish a hilarious and moving anime could be made about your s** tales. Sorry I have zero reaction to people p*** :p I'd jump to buy the box set complete with your live commentary (in chibi form of course) on reaching the top of the mountain.

  • Just who gave you bragging rights? You are the lowest type of life.. you say you need consent first but you have no guilt in taping these girls without their knowledge or consent. You may not have raped them sexually but you have 'raped' them nonetheless.

  • What the f*** are you on about? He never said anything about them not knowing about it.

    Dude, try 16 year olds since it's legal in your country lawl.

  • He actually did say they didn't know... " At first the joy was in making the collections and knowing that they had no idea they were being filmed."

  • I feel ya. I have done this exact same thing.

  • Oh boy, here come the Jesus freaks. Stop trying to shove your ideology down everyone's f****** throat. Listen, I'm not in a relationship but I think it's because you haven't found love. I've never had s** but from everything I've heard; if it's not love it will lose its appeal one day.

  • well that cools. u do need god though

  • Hahahaha lol. You need God dude. You talked about needing consent as if you were talking about needing a coffee in the morning or something. Rape is wrong. A******!

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