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I am in love with my brother's best friend, left to suffer every time he is around. I met him when I was in eighth grade, he was in seventh. Now that we're in High School, it's even harder to deal with. Aside from being an amazing athlete in football and lacrosse, he has a heart of gold, an amazing sense of humor and a beautiful body. I dream at night that we will be together one day, although I doubt it will ever happen. I can't even to speak to him, afraid of what my brother will say, afraid I will be rejected. I get excited when he comes over for dinner, just seeing him for a short while. These simple moments give me hope, but am I just delaying the inevitable? I know he sees the beautiful girls in his grade, but I want him to see ME.

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  • I want to say thank you. I literally cried after I read this comment, touched by your kind words. I want you to know that I was sincere in the description of my crush, he is genuine and caring. As for my brother, he is not immature, but I cannot imagine how he would respond seeing as this is his closest friend for the last six years. In the near future I plan on following your advice and being brave, I do not want to stretch this any longer. Thank you again.

  • I know how hard it can be, but first of all you gotta trust yourself, feel secure,. Breath deep and take courage, you say he's got a heart of gold besides being beautiful (I hope it is true and not that you are idealizing him), I'm assuming he's mature for his age, or at least not a douche, I think the best idea is to tell him how you feel and not torture yourself with uncertainties. Just don't let it out despaired, be calm and be yourself.

    If your brother is not so mature and you are afraid he might react in a bad way (either mocking you or turning into a jealous nightmare, or whatever) then I suggest NOT telling him first, telling only your crush and see how things come out. Who knows, even if he does not have feelings for you, you might win a good friend.

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