My guy friend and I hooked up once and I thought nothing of it until I found out he had a gf. That was December and now he asked to hook up aagain. The thing is that I was crushed when his friend told me about his gf cuz I really liked him and still do. I am scared of heartbreak. What do I do? I want the hook up to last and turn into a relationship but I'm scraed he will let me fall again. Help?

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  • In the same way there's no such thing as risk-free s**, there's no such thing as risk-free romance. You're either willing to accept the risk (of being hurt), in exchange for the possibility that the relationship will be wonderful, or you believe the risk (of being hurt) is greater than the benefit of finding out. We all want to experience the joy of love (be it physical or emotional) and not ever experience the pain of loss, but life doesn't give us that option. You already know that, of course, but you just don't like it. None of us do. And yet we all leap, don't we? And we all love the thrill of the leap, don't we?

  • I would correct the above - "If you play with fire you WILL get burnt". You already have the answer, if he is with another don't go there because you will get crushed again.

  • He's got a girlfriend. I believe you shouldn't do what you don't want be done to you. Besides all this hookin'... do you think he'll take you seriously for a deeper relationship when he can't even take seriously his current girlfriend? I doubt it, but who knows... you know him better.

    If you play with fire you might get burnt.

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