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I saw one of my favorite artists, (still don't have the guts to say who even though this is anonymous, let's just say he's the waifish sensitive type) ever perform live a few years ago. I got the chance to meet him backstage and he was a complete pervert. I ended up s******* him while i was with my boyfriend- now fiance. I am engaged and due to be married in July, i still dont know if i should confess. I feel like s***... Not only for cheating but for dumbing myself down and doing this guy. It was awesome though. I seriously loved this musician since middle school, I am now 28. Teenage fantasy fulfilled I guess, but I Still feel like s***. Mostly for enjoying it so much...

May 16, 2012

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  • And that's how you got herpes?

  • Dude, you are so lucky! If I were you, I'd keep this between myself and the interwebz. Period.
    This happened in the past and it was a one time thing. Your future husband does not need to know about this, unless you don't love him and want to ruin your relationship.
    Seriously. Keep it quiet.

  • It's done, in the past and over. The only benefit you would get from telling your fiance is to appease your guilt but at the cost of losing his trust and maybe his love. Keep this to yourself, get married and move on.

  • If it was enjoyable, and if you can convert the memory to one of fondness rather than guilt, then you should get married and say nothing of it to anyone. Ever. The s** was terrific and it gave you the chance to act upon a fantasy that most of us will never get, so you should think of it as an incredible achievement and success (which it clearly is) and not as an impediment to marrying someone you love (which you apparently do). The only downside to the entire situation is that you can't go around bragging to everyone, "Hey, you know, I f***** (fill in name here) at one of his concerts", as most people would want to do, unless he's been to your town often enough that neither your boyfriend nor anyone else you'd tell would ever know it was while you were with the boyfriend. I think what you did was an accomplishment, something to be proud of, and not something to waste your life feeling guilty about. Well done!!!!

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