I talk to myself while driving on open roads.

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  • Perfectly normal...Either reminders, to-do's, or wacky thoughts no one else should hear.. Can ramble on as long as you want..I do it all the time.

  • Oh god, I have entire conversations with myself when I'm driving for long periods of time. It's a great way to play out situations, relieve stress, talk things out to understand them, concoct possible scenarios of how conversations could play out, and so on.

    I also try to sing along with the radio. Bleh.

  • I think it's complitely normal, I drive for a living and I'm always stuck in traffic by my sefl and I'll have my windows up with AC on and I'll have long talks, I personally don't concider my self crazy I see it ass a stress releast. I rather call people names and tell then that they're idiots if they cut me of instaid of many stupid ppl that actually yell at eachother car to car I'll just do it my self and don't create a road rage.
    I have an incredible sense of humor and I'll be cranking up and laughing about daily life situation.
    If ur not harming anyone don't even trip about it bro.

  • Welcome to my world, I also tell myself "turn right now", "keep in left lane" etc. It's like I have a dashboard GPS in my own head. Oh, and by the way I also sing to myself and whistle. I think you might just be normal... or we are both crazy.

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